May 30, 2020

The Curse of "Sangguran Stone" Stranded in Scotland

Agus Wibowo

Sangguran Inscription is an important document that became evidence of Indonesian history, especially about Medang Kingdom. This inscription was brought by Stamford Raffles in the early 19th century, given to the Governor General of the British Empire in India, Lord Minto, and taken to Scotland.

Sangguran Stone on the yard of Lord Minto's house
Before Mpu Sindok led the exodus of the Royal Family of Medang from Central Java to East Java, The Medang Royal military had expanded to the eastern part of Java Island several years earlier. Their tracks were found in Tulungagung until Malang and conquered the Kingdom of Kanjuruhan. Sangguran Ston issued by order Mpu Sindok who became Prime Minister in Medang in the time of King Dyah Wawa. This expansion continued the efforts of King Dyah Balitung in 905, recorded in the Kubu-Kubu Stone, which is part of the Penampihan Temple in Tulungagung.